Shihan Dilip Kumar Kashap President of Kenwakai Goju Ryu India

Shihan Dilip Kumar Kashap created Uttar Pradesh sports karate do to teach the young generation the art of living along with the goal to upraise the skills of upcoming sports talent of the young people . Shihan Dilip Kumar Kashap was born in the middle class family on 5th November 1960 in a village majur nayak district Almora ( uttrakhand). Later his family moved to meerut .

Age Learned Achived Under Where Till
9 year Wresling Training Guru rati ram Hanumanth akas 1969 -1974
15year Judo Brown Rajiv bakshi meerut 1975-1977
17year Shotokan Karate white belt T.k. rajan meerut 1977-1986
27 years Shotokan Karate Black 1 Herokaju Kanajawa Meerut 1987
29 years Shotokan Karate Black 2 Herokaju Kanajawa Meerut 1987-1989
31 years Gold medal Asian Games Herokaju Kanajawa Malasiya 1990
32 years Okinawa Goju RYu Black 1 sensai P.B.Mistry meerut 1991
33 years Okinawa Goju RYu Black 2 sensai P.B.Mistry Meerut 1992
34 years Okinawa Goju RYu Black 3 AIKF ( All India Karate Fedration) meerut 1993-1997
38 years Segokan Karate Goju ryu Black 3 & black 4 K. Takasaki karate school 1998
57 years Kenwakai Goju Ryu Karate Black 5 sensai P.C. Katoch Meerut 2017